Do What You Need to Do with Trina L. Martin

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In This Episode…

  • The importance of STEM for girls and women of color 6:37 

  • Instilling self-confidence in youth in the wake of new media 15:13

  • Working on yourself 17:32

  • Having peace in your life 22:30

  • Must-have productivity app: Notebook by Zoho 29:19

  • Note to your younger self: You are worthy-- don't settle 30:52

Key Points

There's no win in comparison. 

We can't get caught up in what we think someone else will say about our decisions.

You don't need anyone's approval to do what you need to do in your life.

What You Can Do

Be true to yourself. You don't have to sacrifice yourself and who you are to be liked or loved by someone.

You have to stand for something.  Assert your own morals and boundaries.

Make self-care and rest a priority.

If you are not doing something you know you should be doing, ask yourself why.

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