You Don't Have to Call: Make it Easier to Buy Your Stuff!

You Dont Have to Call IG.png

Although this is not a business podcast, I want to spend this episode discussing customer service from the customer point of view. I'm going to talk about improving the customer experience. And it's kind off a rant, too, I admit it. 

I really, really, REALLY detest having to call a company for customer service.  I prefer to find the answer easily in an FAQ online and keep it moving instead of listening to long messages as soon as I call, even before the voice prompts start. Now from a consumer point of view, most of the time when it comes down to is not so much price but service. Think about these questions:

  • What is the experience that I am getting by working with you?

  • Am I buying from you because it's the most convenient place or way for me to attain that thing that you offer?

  • Or do you just treat me right?

  • Do you honor your way of working in are you organized and are you fair and do I have a good feeling during the entire experience of looking for something to buy from you, buying it and then using your product or service after the transaction is over?

I want to be clear that whether you're an entrepreneur, freelancer, and especially you as customers, that you have a choice. You have a choice in the way that you do business. You have a choice to make consumers lives just a little bit easier when they get frustrated and have to call your toll free number to get an issue resolved to ask a question that they would much rather be able to find online or figure out themselves (like me). If there is no documentation about how to do something whether it's putting together a piece of furniture, or navigating your website that makes it easy for people who cannot do it intuitively, then you have something to improve on with your customer service. The goal should be to make it as easy as possible for a potential client to buy your product or service-- not to make them call you to ask a simple question because the site is lacking Help/FAQs. Consider the experience you want your potential customers to have when before, during, and after purchasing from you. So again, even though I usually focus on personal development moreso than business, some of you need to personally develop how you do business with each other, and especially how you interact with one another over the holidays. 

Many entrepreneurs like myself sometimes are plagued with a question that hinders us from getting started, and that question is, "Why should I start my business when there are so many other people out there already doing the same thing?" "How will I differentiate myself in a sea of sameness?"  I would say that you had to bring that flavor that only you have, that allows you to do what you do, in only the way that you do it.

So it's not necessarily about having the lowest price or prettiest package.  Provide excellent customer service and an excellent experience for your current and potential buyers.