Cultivating Lasting Love Through the Hard Times with Britany Felix


In This Episode…

  • When your friend has feelings for the one you're in love with

  • Dealing with a long-distance relationship

  • Communicating with your partner during financial hardships

  • Getting along with each other despite opposite personality types

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Key Point

A sacrifice is when you are giving something up for nothing in return. A compromise gives you and the other person something without completely sacrificing for the other person.

What You Can Do


Together you and your partner have to find ways to compromise that allow you both to feel fulfilled and content in your relationship.

When you are in a long-distance relationship or separated from your spouse for a long period, the most important things you can do is have mutual trust, and commit to connect with each other daily (via phone, Facetime, Skype, etc.), even if you're tired or in different time zones. Make sure you're present in each other's lives even though you can't physically be there.

If you are considering a job or career change, or anything that will affect your family's income or lifestyle, talk to your spouse before you make a final decision. Communicate with each other don't be selfish—consider their needs too.

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