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In This Episode…

  • How a "Goal Date" can help re-spark passion in your relationship

  • Communication tips for real life

  • How to adjust your mindset

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Key Points

Sometimes it takes you stopping to see what YOU can do differently to make yourself happier in your relationship.  You have to learn what you like, what you're good at, and what excites you.

You have control over the way you think!

What You Can Do

Listen to life coaches (in classes or online), read books, attend seminars and other activities where you invest in yourself. This will help shift your mindset, and then you can discover your WHY.  And it's not a selfish thing–everyone in your circle will notice the change and be happier too.

Acknowledge those old, pervasive, limiting beliefs (especially those that are lies but still haunts you). Then flip them on their heads with "I am __________" statements.

Closing thought: Wake up with an attitude of gratitude. Think of a few things you're grateful for every day when you wake up.

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