The Bon-Vivant Life: Curing the Hunger for Happiness with Nathalie Botros


In This Episode…

  • 14:39 The definition of a "Bon-Vivant" girl

  • 15:36 Steps to implement the Bon-Vivant lifestyle

  • 21:16 How to implement the steps of the Bon-Vivant lifestyle

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Key Points

There is no one-size-fits-all diet. Your genetics and hormones play a great role in what will and won't work for you.

A good rule is to not eat foods that contain more than five ingredients, or that contain ingredients you can't pronounce--they're probably chemicals.

When you live well, you don't frustrate yourself.

No more waiting for "if"s to make something happen! "When I get this job/lost this weight, or ___________, then I'll be happy."  No!


What You Can Do

Keep a food journal that logs not only what you eat, but also, where you are, what time it is, why you're eating (you could be hungry, bored, with friends, etc.) and how you are feeling. This information will give you a more complete picture of your habits that you can evaluate.

Allow your feelings of happiness to catch up, over time, with the positive habits and actions you take day after day. It's a process-- not instant.  Any lasting change requires commitment.

Identify the underlying problem that is causing you not to be happy.

Each day, find something good about your day.

Don't put yourself down with negative self-talk ("I'm so stupid!).

Steps to implement the Bon-Vivant lifestyle:

  1. Love and accept yourself.

  2. Keep a food journal.

  3. Clear negative energy and people from your life.

  4. Do everything with love.

  5. Socialize.

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Nathalie Botros, Certified Health Coach and Psychotherapist





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