Body Kindness with Rebecca Scritchfield


In This Episode…

  • How beauty ideals counteract body kindness (3:49)
  • How medical society gives us unrealistic ideals to evaluate health (7:59)
  • Avoiding "choice traps" (14:40)
  • How to implement body kindness for yourself instead of a New Year's resolution for weight loss (24:03)
  • The Spiral Up Club and nurturing your closest connections (30:53)

Key Points

Beauty ideals are culturally constructed. In comparing ourselves to that ideal, if we don't measure up, there's this notion that life would be better if we changed our looks in some way so we can match that beauty standard.

Diet culture has hijacked concepts of health and wellness and distorted them from what science tells us. This can stir up feelings of guilt and shame and not measuring up to those standards.

"Body kindness is about fully committing to being good to yourself, finding your inner caregiving voice, using acceptance and compassion to make positive changes, and letting go of the pressure to reach a beauty standard that may not match your biology." 

- Rebecca Scritchfield


What You Can Do

It's ok to get take out and not cook all of your own meals. Don't fall into choice traps. Think in terms of patterns instead of rules.

Conserve your decision making so you can focus on the actions that build into the habits you need to cultivate.

Change small, and change often. But make sure those changes and goals you set fit YOU.

Do things that bring you joy. When we feel good, we tend to make better self-care choices 


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Rebecca Scritchfield, RDN, HFS, Certified Exercise Physiologist, Author, Podcast Host








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