Become an Authorpreneur

SZI Daree Allen 033I've been resisting the nudges for a few years now. Friends have been telling me:








"You should be teaching this stuff."


"It comes so natural to you--its your gift!"


"With all the knowledge you have about self-publishing, you are sitting on a goldmine."


"I should've used you when I was doing my book."


"Daree, how do you write a book?"


Well, you asked, and now I'm listening.  I'm going to address the 5 main reasons why you may not have written the book inside your head yet.

If you're ready to build your influence, leverage your expertise, and share your story, then join me on my very first D.A.R.E.E. Authorpreneur Academy webinar as I show you how to breakthrough the 5 main barriers to completing your book:

  1. Lack of confidence. "I don't think anyone will care/read it."
  2. Lack of guidance. "I've got so much in my head but I don't know where to start," or "I don't understand the process." **
  3. Lack of time/patience. "I'm too busy," or "It takes too long."
  4. Lack of skill. "Writing is not my forte," or "I hate writing!"
  5. Lack of funds. "I don't have the money, so I'll do it myself."
**To get you started on #2 above, I've created a handy chart that gives you a timeline for publishing your book.


Are you ready to finish that book project you got stuck on years ago? Are you serious about becoming an author in 2016? 
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